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Standardized production

The quality of the pipes is determined by the State Inter-branch Standards. The activity of the producer is outlined by different standards. Our objective is to provide high standards of storage and delivery of the goods to the consumer — hand the pipe over to the customer preserving all its consumer properties. Proper transportation, strict observation of the storage conditions for steel pipes, meeting the clients’ needs when forming the stock – that is what helps us to accomplish our goal.

You can find these products in stock or order:

Seamless steel pipes, cold-worked
Size 5-250 mm GOST 8734-78
Seamless steel pipes for boiler plants and pipelines
Size 4-426 mm U 14-3-190-82
Seamless steel pipes, hot-worked
Size 20-426 mm GOST 8732-78
Seamless pipes for steam-boilers
Size 10-426 mm TU 14-3-55-2001, TU 14-3-460-75
Seamless steel pipes made of stainless steel and alloys
Size 5-273 mm GOST 9940-81, GOST 9941-81
Water- and gas-pipes
Size 8 - 100 mm GOST 3262-75, zinc-coated. GOST 3262-75
Electric-welded pipes of the big and medium size
Size 8-1420 mm GOST 10704-91, GOST 20295-85, zinc-coated. GOST 10705-80
Steel Square and Rectangular Pipes
Size 1010mm-300300mm GOST 8545-68, GOST 30245-94, GOST 8639-82
Pipes in insulation
Size 57…1420 

You can also obtain information and place an order for any other kind of steel pipes currently available in Russia , through our unique «pipe search engine» at  Information in Russian Language, but  you can get it in English by contacting us: e-mail:

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